Author Topic: The End of Tenzin Peljor and the FPMT’s Unholy Love Affair  (Read 6290 times)


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Re: The End of Tenzin Peljor and the FPMT’s Unholy Love Affair
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That is a lot of money to attend the Dharma course in FPMT! It looks like they are selling Dharma for money. Dharma is very holy and it should not be used to make money. Many people need Dharma, including poor people. Perhaps poor people need Dharma even more to help them get through the difficulty they are experiencing.

FPMT's mission is to preserve Buddhism, how are they going to preserve Dharma when everything is about the money? It is such a shame that FPMT has become like a business. When Lama Yeshe established Kopan Monastery, he was going to make it a learning institution for everyone. Ever since Lama Yeshe passed away, thing has changed.

Before Lama Yeshe passed away, he emphasised a lot on harmony. I believe there must have been a lot of politics within the organisation. Those who wanted to follow Lama Yeshe's wishes left because they become the minority in the organisation. I hope one day this will change and Lama Oser will go back to FPMT and lead FPMT to where it should be.

For a Dharma center with the mission to preserve and spread Tibetan Buddhism, FPMT is charging a lot for people to learn Dharma. FPMT must have a lot of sponsors and maybe financial support from the CTA, why do they still want to make money from their courses? Won't it be nice to make Dharma affordable for people who need it? Many people who want to learn Dharma so they can solve their problems are not very rich, if Dharma is the solution to all our problem, make it affordable or even free.