Author Topic: Robert Thurman: Fanning hatred against Shugden Buddhists  (Read 10330 times)


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Re: Robert Thurman: Fanning hatred against Shugden Buddhists
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2019, 04:47:49 AM »
I guess Robert Thurman never really reads the book he wrote. He has written a book called Love your Enemies but how come he does not love his enemies and he wanted to hire hackers to attack them? He is such a hypocrite who says one thing and does another. 

Obviously, he is only after the money, he is not interested to practice Dharma or spread Dharma. He wants to be in the Dalai Lama's good book so he can get endorsements from the Dalai Lama for his books and himself so he can make money. Without the Dalai Lama, no one will buy Robert Thurman's books or listen to him.

A real Buddhist will not encourage killing but Robert Thurman actually enjoys killing. He wants the participants of his meditation program in Menla Spa to go for fly-fishing activity. How ironic is that? First, they teach people to generate compassion, next they encourage the participants to enjoy the fly-fishing activity.

It is obvious that Robert Thurman wrote the book out of the motivation of getting money and not spreading the Dharma to liberate others. How can the author of "Love your enemies" hire trolls on Twitter to attack his enemies with harsh speech and racist comments? He does not mean what he says and he is just using Dharma to get money.

He has been studying Dharma for so long and he is a professor as well. He should know his stuff and knows clearly that what he did is not very nice. It is not the Buddhist way of dealing with enemies. On top of that, he should also know that committing killing will create a lot of negative karma but he still promotes fly fishing in his Buddhist spa in Catskills.

He did it for business and from his action, we can see that he is selling the Dharma for money. What kind of Buddhist professor promotes killing? That is against what he is teaching. Whatever he teaches is just fake words try to get money from sponsors.