Author Topic: How Far Should It Go?  (Read 642 times)


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How Far Should It Go?
« on: January 26, 2015, 07:40:50 PM »
This is a brilliant article that asks questions that need to be answered by all those who have been advocating the Shugden ban. Why just stop at banning Shugden? Why no go all the way?

Should we cooperate with religious teachers who teach us hatred, segregation and intolerance? Does it matter what another person’s religious beliefs are in order to treat them equally and kindly?

If a Dorje Shugden practitioner approached Lord Buddha, Guru Rinpoche or Lord Tsongkhapa would these great beings tell them to go away? Tell them they are ruining their samaya, or they are unfit and unclean?

Shall we demand they apologize to us because they practice Shugden? How about if I apologize to racists who don’t like the fact I am Asian? Shall a person apologize for being male or female? Shall a person apologize for their ‘deviant’ sexual orientation to the straight world? Shall mentally handicapped children apologize to other kids for being slower? Shall the old apologize for being old, sick and in need of help? I mean shall I apologise to a person of another faith because I don’t belong to their faith? Where do we stop?

We need to use religion to create peace and not more divisions.