Author Topic: 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body  (Read 16875 times)


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It is news to me that the Druce or Druze accept the concept of previous lives as the Druze are a denomination of the Islamic faith. It is also proof that all beings regardless of religion are subject to karma and reincarnation. I google "Druce" and among the listing by google I went to this site.

After reading this article I find this denomination of Islam is remarkably similar to Buddhism. At from the point of the small scope of the Lamrim except the object of refuge is a single God. If we replace this "God" with karma, then it is the same as Buddhism. I find this fascinating. Perhaps the prophets of the monotheistic religion were really Boddhisattvas?

What do everyone think?


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How many of us believe in reincarnation? If there is no reincarnation, where do we go to after death ? For myself, at times there are certain places which I have never been to but have sense of familiarity of the scene. In fact it has been proven through many life stories from people who claimed that they could remember their past life and  with the findings and researches done by psychiatrist  reincarnation really exist.  Therefore, since there are many evidence, it is better that we believe in reincarnation and  always aware of your actions and speech


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This is so mind blowing but interesting at the same time. This is really rare to see. It shows that reincarnation is real. For me, I think that it is not a good thing to remember how you got murdered in his past life. It must be a bad feeling to remember all those things happened. Maybe the person who got murdered will not forgive the murderer, he hold on to the things happened. It is definitely bad.


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Re: 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body
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The following is another documentary of a boy from the UK who remembers his previous life. This family lives in a culture that doesn't believe in previous lives. For the boy to talk about his previous life in so much detail is just one of the many examples that reincarnation exists.

PAST LIVES - YOUNG BOY STUNNS SCIENTIST WITH HIS MEMORIES (documentary) science/religion/education] [url=]PAST LIVES - YOUNG BOY STUNNS SCIENTIST WITH HIS MEMORIES (documentary) science/religion/education [/url]