Author Topic: Rick Hobbs Mixes Modern Science with Tibetan Buddhism in New Novel  (Read 3828 times)


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A Buddhist inspired novel?! interesting!

Rick Hobbs Mixes Modern Science with Tibetan Buddhism in New Novel

Rick Hobbs’ new novel, “Entangled Realms” (published by AuthorHouse) is grounded in concrete science, yet the book weaves in spiritual themes, taking readers on an intellectual journey that crosses boundaries, all the while remaining within a short reach of reality.
At the core of “Entangled Realms” lies Hobbs’ philosophical ideas about reality. According to him, science focuses on two methods of observation: through “the eyes of the world,” and through “the eyes of the mind.” His belief adds a third method of knowing into the mix: through “the eyes of the spirit.” He says, “It is logical that these different ways of experiencing the world should converge into a single point, for that is where truth ultimately lies.”
The book follows mathematician Rachel Lajoie and her partner, Terry McGuire, who are caught in a web that draws them ever closer to that intersection. Pervading the background are malevolent forces intent on exploiting insight and knowledge for the sake of power and greed.
“‘Entangled Realms’ is a story about science as a tool of both good and evil; about the power of coercion; about violation of principles,” Hobbs says. “It is also a story about non-local influences and about love – love, not just as an emotion, but as a force.”