Author Topic: Waking Up from the Sleep of Ignorance  (Read 3190 times)


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Waking Up from the Sleep of Ignorance
« on: August 31, 2013, 04:24:44 AM »
Posted this under general in response to Boston Bombings but thought I'd say something here. We understand from commentaries on the practices of Manjushri, Yamantaka, Dorje Shugden, and Je Tsongkhapa that these practices increase our wisdom. I believe it is through such blessings that I has lead to alternative media. I have asked the Protectors to give clear indications about what is going on and it has been such a learning experience, not just opening the eyes to the outrageous crazy shit going on and how complex it is, but internally it has helped me get to know my mind more closely in response to quite scary subjects. How are we doing in the bardo of now? Are we moving from within the clarity of the present? Is our mind becoming like an anvil of Vajra Dharma? There's no time to lose...

"Why false flag ops? There is an agenda of control, just look at all the NSA spying shit that hard working Americans pay for with their tax dollars! Look at the string of events that take place after major disasters - gun control laws aimed at an eventual complete disarming of the American public, Patriot act and other similar laws whereby anyone can be deemed an "enemy combatant" or "terrorist" and detained indefinitely without evidence or a trial, Fema can confiscate your food and private property, US citizens can now be forced against their will into labor camps (yes, these are laws being passed in the USA at the moment), the US declares a "war on terror" which is really more a 'war of terror'. The Boston bombing took place the same day that the local law enforcement were training in explosives, then we see a test of applying full martial law, the breaking into homes, tasering innocent civilians and so on.

Why test martial law? There is alot of talk about Major Economic Collapse and the US Govt is preparing for massive civil unrest. There is so much stuff going on, and it used to really be behind the scenes or very carefully covered up but now it is all coming out where corporate media giants are being forced to address it. Ron Paul is particularly sharp on all this stuff. Its not a pretty picture and we certainly don't want to look at it or acknowledge that our liberties are gone. We firmly believe life will continue as normal despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That's how dumbed down and lied to we are. I used to somewhat doubt this stuff or pass it off as conspiracy paranoia, but once I started to actually inform myself it became clear that my prior view was not based on really knowing anything, so look into it for yourself:  and many others

Bill Clinton in response to a question about why he couldn't do something during his presidency, he replied 'I can't, there's a Govt within the Gov't'. Jimmy Carter himself said we no longer live in a democracy. There is a ruling elite that have an agenda for a New World Order - One World Govt, One World Monetary System, One World Military, One World Set of Rules. These things are right out of the mouths of people such as the 2 Bush's, and recently even Joe Biden, who swore to uphold the constitution, said we need a new set of rules, a one world monetary system, and so forth.

These are conventions of our world taking place that require practical actions, the most important being to tame our own mind. If we can damage our self-grasping, all this craziness how have less power to inflict harm on us. We need to be strong for others, especially when we start witnessing in our own country what is the norm for our universal family in many other countries.

You need to be a beacon of hope and the light of panoramic vision, so meditation and informing yourself with the truth about world affairs is essential, especially for you Americans reading this.

All my love"