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Buddhist Contribution to Humanity
« on: January 13, 2013, 01:10:06 PM »
Buddhism as a religion has served the hopes and aspirations of humanity well;it has fostered with the social
organism a commendable way of life and a communal spirit marked by endeavours towards peace and contentment.It has been in the forefront of human welfare.Even in politics it was acknowledged on many occasions as a significant breakthrough in fair treatment,democratic procedures and regard for basic,moral values.Buddhism has given a distinct flavour to the culture of the Orient.
Buddhism has supplied fine and ethical basic attitude amongst the people who have adopted it in one form or
another.Indeed the immense potential of Buddhism has not been realized by many who have adopted it only
to a limited extent.The capacity of the Buddha's teachings to enhance an individual's personal and general potential has been overshadowed by the contributions of Buddhism to art and literature.But one aspect of Buddhism which has remain of paramount importance throughout it's history is it's clear Rationalism.
Reason,though often overruled to everyone's regret,is something that belongs to humanity,to civilize then,no matter how obscured it may be by the other facets of human nature such as emotions,Buddhism will continue
to exhort man to be rational beings,ruled by the head,but giving due consideration to the heart as well.
The Buddha's contribution to the social and spiritual progress of mankind was so remarkable that His message
which spread all over the world,won the love and affection of the people with a devotion that was unprecedented.It is well worth considering that Buddhism does not choose people by following them to convert them with promises of Heaven.It is the people who choose Buddhism.