Author Topic: CTA’s refusal to give answers about Penpa Tsering’s ousting raises more question  (Read 4455 times)


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Is CTA really a democratic government? Penpa Tsering was dismissed from his position with no details. When asked by the media, CTA just said each reported was only allowed one question. What kind of press conference was it?

If CTA wants to criticise how China is suppressing Tibetans, are they not doing the same to their own people? People who go against the CTA will be treated unlawfully like in the case of Penpa Tsering. The CTA does not allow people to question their action and no explanation or clarification is given.

How to trust a government that does not allow its people to express their thoughts or question the action of the government. More Tibetans are losing confidence in the CTA. Many are leaving India and migrating to other countries. Some choose to go back to Tibet. If the CTA wants to garner the support from its own people, they have to change their way of doing things.