Author Topic: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events  (Read 6813 times)


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Here's a nice effort by a Buddhist monk to help relief the world of hunger. It does not do much, and certainly it does not do much to help relief hunger in the long run. it is a start to help plant seeds in the minds of others, tho. At least people wont be hungry for now....but what about the future? Will this monk teach the people who have received help to also be generous so that they will not go hungry in the future...hmm


Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events

Buddhist Global Relief has announced the cities and venues for its 2012 “Walk to Feed the Hungry” fundraising events. This is the third year in which Buddhist Global Relief will be holding a walk to raise funds for its programs that provide relief to communities around the world afflicted by chronic hunger and malnutrition. The Walk to Feed the Hungry began in 2010 in South Orange, New Jersey, and expanded to three cities in 2011. In the first two years, over $120,000 was raised to support BGR’s humanitarian efforts.

All the walk events in 2012 will take place in October. They will be held in the follow cities: Seattle, WA (October 6), Ann Arbor, MI (October 13), Chicago, IL (October 13), New York, NY (October 13), San Francisco, CA (October 13), San Jose, CA (October 14), Los Angeles, CA (October 20), and Escondido, CA (October 25). Walks will be led by local organizers and are of varying distances. They will include dharma talks and end with a picnic lunch. The New York, Los Angeles, and Escondido walks will be led by BGR’s chairperson, Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi.

“We are very excited that our walk events have grown in scope and reach,” said Kim Behan, BGR’s Executive Director. “Walking in solidarity has a long history of uniting people and sparking social change. We are overjoyed at bringing together people from different backgrounds and focusing on what unites us on this path of service.”

More information is available at Buddhist Global Relief’s website. This links to the BGR First Giving website, allowing interested participants to find out details about each event, register to walk, raise funds, or simply donate. Parties interested in hosting their own event and donating the proceeds can send an email to [email protected] or phone at 888-852-7579.

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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2012, 05:06:04 PM »
Definitely a good effort in promoting compassion and buddhism . It is an act worth rejoicing as i am sure those participating will not only have the seeds of dharma planted in their minds but also they will be part of a large scale dharma sharing effort spaning over different cities and states in US.

Imagine normal busy people from cities like New York , Chicago , Los Angeles , San Francisco and etc walking in solidarity towards one goal, the thought is simply uplifting. Thank you for sharing, i would definitely want to join if i was not ten thousand miles away.


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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2012, 04:11:51 AM »
Interesting! How nice to have such event in my country. It will be good and create awareness for those around us. Bringing people of different faith and religion together for such a beautiful purpose and raising funds at the same time. The best part is that it includes a Dharma talk. What a way to promote kindess, compassion and definitely planting a seed in them. Hhmmm... Maybe we should do this in our country and promote Buddhism. It'll be such a memorable event for many.


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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
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This an example of true Buddhists putting dharma practice (compassion and kindness) into action!

I rejoice in the effort to help the needy and it is great to see more and more people embrace the idea and join in the quest!

Benny - instead of just rejoicing the noble act ten thousand miles away, maybe you want to start one in you home city ? *wink wink* ;D ;D
Down with the BAN!!!

Tenzin K

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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2012, 04:04:32 PM »
Great effort from the spiritual aspect practicing compassion with so many together to benefit others. It’s a great practice putting what have been learn into practice and the most important is able to gather so many people together collect the merits from such meritorious act. One of the great way not only benefiting the needy but also to the people that participate and the organizing committees.

They team might not be able to save the entire world but definitely create the awareness and encourage more people to be help more people.


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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2012, 07:49:50 AM »
And the race begins! It is nice to see that a Buddhist group taking up social action to benefit others. And to see so many participants in this cause as well! Buddhists have been lacking from the social action scene for a very long time and this is a great return! This is an article by a participant which is also actively looking for sponsors.

Buddhist Global Relief Run – Four More Weeks
September 3, 2012 By Justin Whitaker Leave a Comment

Buddhist Global Relief Fundraising Run 2012
Wow. Time is passing quickly. I now have four weeks of training time for the 2012 Bristol Half Marathon.
The bad news is that I injured my knee playing soccer (football) a couple weeks ago. But the good news is that after a week off it was feeling okay again and this last week I managed two good runs and some tennis with friends with no problems.
Tomorrow I’ll do another long run, pushing to 8 miles, or 9 if I’m feeling up to it. With luck, the next 4 weeks will all go well and I’ll have a great race day. But, over those weeks I’ll need your help. I’m running to help raise awareness and funds for Buddhist Global Relief, an amazing organization serving people around the world.
Buddhist Global Relief is a simply fantastic organization. You can click through my fundraising page to find out more about there many “Walk to Feed the Hungry” events – contribute there, join one near you, or find out about creating your own.
I’m 31% to my goal now, thanks to many wonderful and kind supporters and friends. I need your help though now, to get up to at least 50% in the next 10 days. So please – make a very small donation. $1 or $2 is great. And you’ll be added to my list of ‘thank yous’. If you have a cause or website you’d like mentioned, all the better (you can add it in the comment section when you contribute).
If you can’t help financially, please spread the word – facebook, twitter, G+, etc. For those in the UK especially, please note Richard Dillon’s event in Yorkshire on the 29th. These may be lean times for many of us, but if you visit the webpage for the walks, I’m sure you’ll agree that their cause is worthy of whatever we can give.
My personal thanks to those, including Richard, who have helped out so far:
8/14/2012 $20.00  Richard Dillon Thank you for supporting Buddhist Global Relief in the UK
7/30/2012 $10.00  A Friend
7/30/2012 $15.00  Saijie Sim
7/16/2012 $75.00   Anonymous
7/16/2012$50.00   Emily Rhodes
7/12/2012 $10.00   Anonymous
7/12/2012 $10.00   Dharmabrother
7/8/2012 $50.00    Lynette Monteiro
7/8/2012 $50.00    Marnie L. Froberg
7/6/2012 $50.00   Charles Prebish For all American Buddhists

what a nice way to raise funds for a good cause!


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Re: Buddhist Global Relief announces 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry events
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2012, 04:23:03 PM »
This is very charitable act! Definitely compassion is walking on earth! I rejoice for such charitable act! Hope there are more of these in other parts of the world and make a strong voice to help raise funds for the poor. it does brings a lot of smiles to the people who are going to be benefited from this!

Coming into that, how many people who have benefited from kind gestures such as this will actually follow the act of giving to the needy out there? i think this comes from the sense of gratitude. When you have benefited something from someone, one should repay the kindness given to the giver and follow the same act and be kind to others, it definitely doesn't have to be a lot as long as within the means.