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Re: Compassion of the old man
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To be able to help others, we must have both compassion and wisdom.

We can't expect the scorpions to understand what we want to do. It is the natural instinct of the scorpion to stung his "enermy". So, if the old man want to rescue the scorpion, he need to find a way to save the scorpion and at the same time avoid being stung by the it. If he just act out of compassion without thinking of his own risk, he might end up getting kill and at the same time not able to rescue the scorpion.

The same goes with human, we need to be their friend before we can help them. Due to the dangerous world we have now, no one belief that a stranger will help them. Everyone will set up a wall to protect themselves. We need to be smart enough to break thru the wall to reach out to the one that need help. Compassion and wisdom are like twin brothers, they goes hand in hand.