Author Topic: Must we become ordained before we can achieve Enlightenment?  (Read 14032 times)


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Re: Must we become ordained before we can achieve Enlightenment?
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2011, 12:33:31 PM »
It doesn't make sense that one would have to be ordained before attaining full enlightenment.

I recently read the story of Naropa, that I find to be particularly relevant to this topic for a few reasons. Naropa was a yogi, not ordained. He meditated and attained visiOns of vajra yogini. He achieved her paradise in his own body. The form of vajrayogini that we practice today comes fr him.  This same form is advocated by Pabongka dorje chang.

Naropa, nt being ordained was still able to achieve so much, much more than many of his ordained counterparts. So non ordination does not limit what one can do. if anything, ordination just serves as a guideline as well as faster merit collection to achieve buddhahood.


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Re: Must we become ordained before we can achieve Enlightenment?
« Reply #16 on: June 28, 2011, 05:35:51 PM »
Whether or not it is not necessary to be ordained is subjective and is dependent on a person's circumstances, aptitude and level of practice or attainment if any.  Generally I would imagine one who has become enlightened would probably have had many life times of practice and at some point, one would have been ordained. 

If one is at the earlier stages of the path, in order to gain progress faster, it would be necessary to be ordained and join an institution of Buddhist learning and practice such a monastery.  Being an  ordained sangha in monastery would mean full time practice and minimal distraction from the worldly/mundane world.   Just like an athlete training for the olympics needs full time training in order to be qualified, what more one who is training to become enlightened, a goal a million times higher in which case one may not even attained it in one life time.

However, if one if a high level Bodhisattva, whether or not one is ordained does not make a difference because the level of attainment would be such that one will not be affected by the distractions of the worldly world.  One would already have very strong imprints of practice from previous lives.  One would thrive even in the midst of the most samsaric environment and be able to transform any obstacles and difficulties into the path of practice.  Enlightenment is just a matter of time.

In conclusion, I would say ordination would be very necessary for one at the earlier stages of the path in order that one's spiritual foundation is built for future enlightenment.


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Re: Must we become ordained before we can achieve Enlightenment?
« Reply #17 on: October 10, 2012, 08:21:48 AM »
I agreed it is up to individual's practice, how much he spend time on practicing, holding commitments and vows and thus achieving the results. If one has guru and follows the instructions and advises and pursue it rigorously then enlightenment is very much possible because our guru is living and can guide us quickly on the right path. It can also possible then when the time is right for one to move on the path further by becoming ordained. It will inspired others to the highest possible path. Nevertheless we should encourage lay people to learn and practice Dharma, putting Dharma into action, involving actively in the Dharma center. This will create the cause and condition for one to become enlightened.