Author Topic: Abortion - ok for the country's good?  (Read 19033 times)


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Re: Abortion - ok for the country's good?
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Definitely think the Chinese Govt should give better support in preventative methods rather then encouraging n perhaps even forcing parents to take this act of killing. Very heavy negative karmic repercussion as a whole - whole country! The Chinese people sure needs Dharma and Dorje Shugden there.

I can on one hand understand their dilemma and imposing the one child policy but to encourage abortion is totally wrong since there are so many options as stated by so many here. Get those tubes tied already. Education is also good to break the concept in the Chinese mind set of having boys. I think most of them want to keep trying because if the 1st one was a girl... it is not good... hence they will keep on trying until the get a son...which i think is already wrong to begin with. This is d typical Chinese thinking which need re-educating.