Author Topic: Why HHDL's assistant need to lie about the BAN?  (Read 10479 times)


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Re: Why HHDL's assistant need to lie about the BAN?
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After four years since the video was recorded, the ban is still in place yet the representative said there is no ban. He acted as if he is so busy and in a hurry to go off, shows that he is trying to take an easy way out so that he need not answer more questions posed by the reporters.

It is so sad to see the appeals by the nun from the Western Shugden Society to investigate on the ban have fallen on to deaf ears.  Let us support to the lifting of the ban by creating more awareness of the truth to the world from this website.  It is a shame that the CTA cant even give religious freedom to their own people, what more to be said about human rights.  Let us put pressure on the CTA so that they will realized they are wrong and  lift the ban!