Author Topic: The 4 ways of gathering disciples  (Read 22205 times)

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Re: The 4 ways of gathering disciples
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It’s a very good way.

Giving material is like a friendly gift and shows our sincerity to be friend.
Encouragement and praise is to motivate and encourage them.
Give benefit is where we share the dharma teaching. The precious teaching from our Guru that they convince from our action.
Lead by example is to show and practice what we have learned. By just talking and talking will never convince anyone. We should walk the talk. Every single action we take shows what we learn. People observe our actions and compare with what we say. If we are not sincere we can never fake.

It works most of the time because it covers all angle for a person to feel good, motivated, receive the teaching and convince by the action. Unless we face the people that had so much negative karma that covered their opportunity to see, listen and understand the dharma. Of course the person who carried out the 4 ways also play an important factor as if he/she is not sincere and skillful enough people would not convince.

These ways can be apply to win friends too. All the 4 ways are the best factors showing our sincerity to benefit a friend.