Author Topic: Did you know Dalai Lama's brother tried to assassinate Bhutan's King?  (Read 1002 times)


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Did you know Dalai Lama's brother tried to allegedly assassinate Bhutan's King? It may be shocking but it's true. Attached is the article from Indiatoday. It may be vintage but still applicable. There are rife rumours about the cruelty of Gyalo Thondup (Dalai Lama's brother) and CTA for decades. It is in black and white in the press of India. Interesting to see this surface after so many years. No one respects the Dalai Lama's brother and shocked he was given so much power.

This says it all-just read this comment from Thondup L.~Dharamsala:

The CTA acts all innocent but they are well known for allegedly ‘getting rid’ of rivals permanently in the Tibetan world. Trying to assassinate the Bhutanese king as in this Indiatoday is not surprising but disgusting. Not only have Dalai Lama’s brother and CTA tried to assassinate the Bhutanese King, but they tried to assassinate the 16th Karmapa for not obeying the then CTA’s directives. When you work for or are associated with CTA, there is nothing but deceit and disappointment. The Dalai Lama’s brother is well known for his violence, power hungry and greed based actions within the Tibetan communities. People speak in hushed tones not daring to offend the Dalai Lama. But in truth, the Dalai Lama should do something about this.

It is not surprising CTA rejected Bhutan’s extremely kind offer of citizenship to the Tibetan refugees because this is what CTA is doing now in India. Not allowing their Tibetans to obtain Bhutanese or Indian citizenship is a way of keeping the refugee status quo to parade the ‘poor Tibetan refugees’ for more money. If you take citizenship, you are not a refugee anymore and not qualified for aid. Simple equation. Why wouldn’t CTA want their people to have a good life and be safe as a citizen of any country? After all, if Tibet is free, all of the Tibetans can just go back to Tibet and take on Tibetan citizenship. Why are all the Tibetans in America, Europe and Canada becoming citizens of these countries? Because the policies of those countries require it so CTA has to remain quiet. Remember, the CTA has received US$ billions in aid from the US alone. CTA’s greedy pockets are lined well with money. The CTA is not out to help their people. For sure.

Do click on the attachment and read this intriguing and disturbing article in the Indiatoday. Also a Must Read:


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I think it is very sad the Dalai Lama's brother in exile beside having been given a place to live, can turn against the very person who had helped him and his countrymen. No wonder the Bhutanese government asked the Tibetans in Bhutan to become a Bhutanese. Actually, it was very kind of them to offer Bhutanese citizenship to the Tibetans because by doing so, they are giving the refugees the rights just like other Bhutanese citizens. Even after the Tibetans attempted to kill their king, the Bhutanese were still prepared to be generous with them.


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Tibetans will never have their own Nelson Mandela to bring them out and join the world stage.

They have dabbled in CIA operations to dislodge the Chinese, attacked leaders of neighbouring countries and so fort, don't forget they have assassinated Gungthang Tsultrim the leader of the 14 settlements also, and reputedly took on various Gelugpa lamas who wanted to stay with the Dorje Shugden practices. 

Too much blood and karma, for CTA they can never have higher moral authority against their oppressors.

Nothing the CTA ever does, is a surprise to me anymore. CTA has received billions from the world, and have nothing to show for it, they should go down.